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Miss Sixty at the Vogue Fashion Night Out

Miss Sixty join the next edition of Vogue Fashion Night Out in Italy, London and Madrid, September 9, the international event which will see the major cities of the world and shine together with fashion. How many brands including Miss Sixty offers us a leader in this important event exclusive fashionable, a T-shirt with a glitter print proposal limited edition and only 250 pieces will be sold in the official story and the funds will be donated to the initiative " Adopt a tree ", aimed at increasing the green areas of the City of Milan.


3.9.10 16:27


Paola & Chiara

Do not expect the rain in the new video of Paola Chiara & shot for the new single "Summer Rain" (you can look at this link): only heat and the like can be detected in the new clip.

Finally an Italian product that is not linked to classic stereotypes directed tricolor. It 's all well packed: freshness, lightness, beautiful people and beautiful Prada replica handbags . The two sisters also once again show off all her sex appeal without becoming vulgar.

Musically speaking I must admit that I prefer other versions more refined and a bit more experimental pop songs by the summer atmosphere in which teachers are real, they can create them but the same unfortunately not earn you many points, indeed (see Blue Blue Ocean Blue ".

3.9.10 16:17

iPhone HDR for the mass

With the latest update to IOS, Apple introduced the ability to make HDR photos directly from iPhone.

On the cover you can see a practical example of this feature. The phone will take three pictures and join in a natural way without the user having to do anything.

This is not a sensational news, but surely will push manufacturers to introduce compact features of this type that will enter the basic equipment of every point and click.

3.9.10 16:11

Sanyo Eneloop Stick to your accessories

Sanyo has introduced a small accessory to recharge the batteries of devices that can connect to USB ports, standard or micro.

The Eneloop Mobile Booster is able to charge a phone for about two hours giving 1A or half if you connect two phones. Inside has a lithium battery, while the Eneloop Stick Booster uses normal AA rechargeable battery for all your accessories that are not so hungry for power.

Will go on sale from October 21 in Japan, was not published a date for Europe.

3.9.10 16:08

The tarot of Padania against CGIL

Done by The Daily Federico Mello

300x234 14brucia3 The tarot of Padania against CGIL League taroccona, the Network does not forgive. " Thus, reinterpreting a famous slogan celodurista, one could summarize the story that is making the rounds of network and reveals a dirty trick of the Journal of the Northern League.

"CGIL in piazza Roma" launched yesterday on the front page on September 1. "Those CGIL - the attack on La Padania article - are just political refugees. Or cling to every lost cause in a desperate hunt for a card that does not exist ". The guilt of the largest Italian trade union, according to Paul Pellai, would be to not think of work "to defend the Roma and Sinti." To accompany the whole, there is a huge picture, which takes over half the page layout. You see a Roma camp (but could also be seen camping and caravan brand new luxury cars) on which fly the flags of the CGIL.

The picture is not convincing. A well documented analysis us then we thought the blog, 89 revealing that the image contains too many errors to be true: you can see - among others - two flags flying in the opposite direction (current jokes ...) but not only. The same two flags, are clearly a reversed version - from left to right - from the other.

Since already the intent of Article appears very pretentious (the CGIL has five million members and will do the campaigns in which he believes) is really the serious misconduct of a tarot explicit. What makes Padania? Is a candidate to follow the "glorious" head already distinguished themselves in kitchens in Monte Carlo (then disappeared), and treatments Boffo by truncheon? But those were not "local", "close to people," the champions of the North?
3.9.10 16:04

report card

A+ for all the students!  I admit I was a bit disarmed by their quiet demeanor but it was early in the morning (7:30 a.m.).  There was hardly any feedback via expression when I first started talking.  But we got started with some easy exercises and before long they each found a knockoff handbags and you could observe their claim on self-expression.  My only regret was that the day ended too soon!  I wish I was back there today, continuing the mission of sharing the enthusiasm for making cool stuff together.

I am grateful to Mrs. Lentini-Pombrio and Mrs. Amme for the invitation to be the class tour guide into Altered Books.  Check out how cool these art teachers are - back in March they were on a photo campaign.  This is a very small sampling of the photos collected around school that they presented on a massive set of boards....ART SAVES!  HCIT?

12.7.10 19:46

Cheering for both

It's late on Tuesday....and I'm finally getting around to posting my RT Journal pages!  It's nearly full so I picked up a new one today because I want to carry on in this theme.  Today's pages are test-run print-outs of my new stamp images.  I had been working on zucool a totally different collection when these ideas came to me - I will explain my vision when I upload the completed sheets this weekend.  Since we are working on grid formats with the GPP Street Team I thought I would stretch the definition of linear layout and make an Evidence spread with these circular punch-outs in my journal.  Some terrific entries posted on the link list over at the crusade blog.  Go see what we are up to and join in! 
12.7.10 19:42

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