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The tarot of Padania against CGIL

Done by The Daily Federico Mello

300x234 14brucia3 The tarot of Padania against CGIL League taroccona, the Network does not forgive. " Thus, reinterpreting a famous slogan celodurista, one could summarize the story that is making the rounds of network and reveals a dirty trick of the Journal of the Northern League.

"CGIL in piazza Roma" launched yesterday on the front page on September 1. "Those CGIL - the attack on La Padania article - are just political refugees. Or cling to every lost cause in a desperate hunt for a card that does not exist ". The guilt of the largest Italian trade union, according to Paul Pellai, would be to not think of work "to defend the Roma and Sinti." To accompany the whole, there is a huge picture, which takes over half the page layout. You see a Roma camp (but could also be seen camping and caravan brand new luxury cars) on which fly the flags of the CGIL.

The picture is not convincing. A well documented analysis us then we thought the blog, 89 revealing that the image contains too many errors to be true: you can see - among others - two flags flying in the opposite direction (current jokes ...) but not only. The same two flags, are clearly a reversed version - from left to right - from the other.

Since already the intent of Article appears very pretentious (the CGIL has five million members and will do the campaigns in which he believes) is really the serious misconduct of a tarot explicit. What makes Padania? Is a candidate to follow the "glorious" head already distinguished themselves in kitchens in Monte Carlo (then disappeared), and treatments Boffo by truncheon? But those were not "local", "close to people," the champions of the North?
3.9.10 16:04


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